Sample of Irit's songs

Herein please find the following positive feedbacks for our Fund raising Concert for Jerusalem (Ann Hilsden, Jamie Hilsden, irit Iffert and the orchestra) (2009.2.22 - God reigns in Jerusalem)

Karen K
It was a miracle to sell out over 800 tickets (over 800 tickets are including free tickets to our donors). Last 2 weeks. The theatre would like to charge us 10 % service charge for our expensive ticket fee. Last Saturday, they confirmed to grant us support from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's Reduction of Hire Charges Scheme but not charge us any service charge. God can transform interruptions into opportunities, suffering into strength. That's the amazing power of God. Our Fund Raising Concert is the evidence of His amazing grace! For Zion's sake, He will not rest and silent. My soul really anchored in His rest during the concert.

Agnes Cheng (From Canada)

When Ann sang the song of "The Shepherd", her voice was amazing, its so different. When we sang the Israel National Anthem in Chinese Version, it seemed that it was my own National Anthem. I love all the Hebrew and English songs; it brought me to draw close to God and I felt serenity. I will back to HK again and attend the concert if you will organize concert once again. The group of Chinese Christian On Watch is so simple, pure with child like heart.

L. Sheung,
My tears shed along my face, I looked around of my neighbours, they also shed tears during the concert too.

Agnes Lung (Kong Fok Church)
Shalom!! May I congratulate your great success on yesterday concert for Jerusalem!!! God's work is soooo amazing and we were so moved last night!! I have invited a few friends from my fellowship and they were all moved (see below their mails) The songs are sooooo beautiful!! I really wanted to learn Hebrew!!

I hope not only myself but more and more people from Kong Fok church will start to love Jerusalem and pray for this holy land!!!

I am very very impressed by your organisation and efficiency in developing so many works for God in just 1 year!! May God continue to bless you and give you extraordinary strength, wisdom and passion in serving Him continuously!!!

Galina ( From Canada - Chinese Christian On Watch Board)
Thank you for the pictures. God is amazing and awesome. I can see the concert is a great success. KGod is really moving people HK churches to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Yes, recall that when we first book the theatre, you told me God will bring over 800 -900 people to concert and this is so true now. Everything of your impression from God came true. God is so true indeed for He never fail.

Too bad I cannot join the concert but I can see Ann, Jamie, Irit and other people in the orchestra were so into the concert. The audiences were so moved. This is incredible. Only God can do it and let's get together to praise our Almighty God. I am happy that God gave me chances to pray for the concert, On Watch and Israel. Thank you God woke me up in the morning of Feb 22 to pray and then I fell asleep again easily.

Mui Yin
3 singers from Jerusalem were anointed. Our students were touched and were nurtured by the songs. God listened to our prayer when we pray for the next Prime Minister and the Israeli government during the prayer time of the concert. (One of our prayer items in the concert is : Asking God to grant the next Prime Minister and his negotiating team the wisdom of Solomon. Raise up a new government quickly (Isaiah 43:19a). Create a government out of this political turmoil that will be much closer to Your will than any other one since the recreation of the State of Israel. Give Israel leaders who will not make excuses for needing to defend Israel and it's citizens. )

My soul was nurtured by all these songs. I want to learn worshipping in King of Kings Community Jerusalem.

Dr. Lam Fung Eric
Thank for your kindness. my friend is quite in touch of it, I also met a lot of friends there including my sister. They are asking to buy their CD. Thank anyway.

Kok Keung Mak
Well done

The concert was very successful. PRAISE TO THE LORD!!!

A very good concert indeed. I shed tears in the concert, I was impressed by God.

I personally felt very grateful and enjoyable to have joined the event, In fact, my son (age 13+) and I thank a lot to God for His mercis on our way there. And it's a miraculous event with His grace & love conveyed.

Agnes Lee
Many people shed tears. We are so impressed by the concert. It's a miracle.

Some more feedbacks from those who joined our Fund Raising Concert:
- A lady shared that God nurtured her inner soul when Ann started to play the piano
- A lady wanted to learn Hebrew
- 2 guys were impressed during the concert and shed tears
- People were touched during prayer times
- It would be beautiful if more and more Messianic Jews sing together in the stage in
- future
- 3 singers were full of anointment during singing.
- Chinese Christian On Watch should produce a CD recording with the orchestra in
- future
- Some people wanted to go to King of Kings Community Jerusalem to learn
- worshipping
- When they sang Israel national Anthem in Chinese, it seems that all are Israelis.
- Their songs made me peaceful, I love all these singing.
- Ann , Jamie and Irit were anointed during singing
- A very touching concert