We are volunteers to organise a meeting for Wayne HIlsden on 8 August. However, God is mightier than any storm during talks of Wayne Hilsden on 8 and 9 August.

Karen : Our awesome God controlled the typhoon during the talks of Wayne Hilsden, the typhoon signal no 8 was anticipated to land in HK in the morning of 9 Aug. We asked God to halt the typhoon during the evening talk on 8 Aug. I
remember Pastor Wayne's prayer was to ask God to stop the typhoon and put it
in a safer place during our evening meeting on 8 Aug. That night, the
pouring of rains had lifted up their voice that I heard clearly because my
apartment is located in the seashore. I couldn't sleep but I had faith that
calmness would come at 4:00am. But the Lord is mightier than the noise of
many storms" . He is at work bringing good out of evil, light out of
darkness, joy out of pain, order out of chaos. Everything was fresh on the
next morning. When I walked along the street , I said to God, "Good morning"
However, God halted the typhoon signal no 8 and it returned 15 hours
after Wayne's departure.

So, when the next storm comes, I will join the psalmist in praising God for
His wondrous power and majesty. See God in the thunderstorm. As a
Christian, I too stand in awe before the majesty and mystery of an
incomprehensible God.

Doris : " It's very encouraging to hear all the good news and the positive
responses of pastor Wayne and the congregation. God is so amazing...
the typhoon was gone and came back again at perfect timing!"

Sunny : "His great hands turn away the typhoon dramatically from the time
we pray for the weather, & to a complete halt on the next morning. And on
the next day God did remind us faithfully His promise & love to Pastor Wayne
as he let go the typhoon again. God is really giving us 2 very vivid and
important lessons: 1) He is happy about what we have been doing so far 2) He
will always listen & respond to our prayer according to His will. I do
really learn what is the real meaning behind prayer by the teaching of
Pastor Wayne that evening."

Vivian ( of St. Andrews' church ): "Hallelujah! Praise be to God! Thanks
be to Pastor Wayne, Karen and others who have diligently worked for the
spreading of God' kingdom in this area. We do look forward to receiving more
of Pastor Wayne or any Christian team from Israel in the future! "

Galina : "Pastor Wayne's message was clear and stimulated the interest of
the audience. During the time of praise and worshipping, I felt God 's
awesome overwhelmed me that I couldn't control myself to shed tears. When I
saw most of the people kneeling down and praying for Israel, my heart was so
touched and filled with joy. God's spirit was upon us, I am still excited
even nowK.The typhoon could not land in HK during the talksKKI had time to
talk with Wayne in the airport, he is humble, all of us I treated him as my
own pastor, I have never talked with a pastor in such long duration even my
own pastor in HKK"

Marc : " It was awesome that God halted the typhoon for over 20 hours